Vibrating Forks & Rotating Paddle

02 April 2016 by admin

Vibrating Forks for Liquids

Sapcon’s vibrating fork, “Elixir”, is suitable for liquid applications and is microcontroller based. We have supplied different types of liquid fork in different segments such as dairy, pharma, chemicals & corrosive chemicals, food packaging, etc.
It’s a customised product, available in different mounting arrangements and lengths. It comes with a compact housing with IP-68 protection.
We supply Elixir in its flameproof version and PTFE/PFA/Hallar coating for corrosive media.

Within a year, we have supplied over 1000 of these in various segments.

SAPCON’s Elixir Series offers different models of Elixir liquid fork that cater to different requirements:

  1. Elixir
  2. Mini-Elixir
  3. Elixir-T
  4. Elixir-T Uni


Rotating Paddle

SAPCON’s rotating paddle, SLMR Orbit Paddle is a level limit switch. It caters to applications with media like free flowing solids, granules and sticky powders like PVC & CPVC.
Here are some of the unique features of Orbit rotating paddle:

  • Special STEPPER motor which eliminates all clutches and gears, hence no maintenance whatsoever.
  • Comes with two relays (2 SPDT).
  • SAPCON’s paddle has an intelligent material check and self cleaning ability. The fins of the paddle flap with a jerk to clean deposition around them.
  • IP-67 ingress protection for housing.

We offer full range SMPS – AC and DC power supply. The time delay function helps in maintaining the material arrival and trip time.
Within a year we have supplied over 450 paddles for different applications.