Small Steps towards Energy Conservation

23 July 2016 by admin
Sapcon's Small Steps towards Energy Conservation

As we know that the need for conserving energy is growing more crucial by the hour, we at Sapcon are trying to contribute in our own small ways. For this, the following changes have been adopted by us:

  1. Shifting office hours from 10.30 AM to 07.30 PM  to 09.30AM  to 06.30 PM. This enables us to use natural sunlight as far as possible.
  2. The new office and R&D center is shifted to second floor and the entire building is made using transparent glass. This again reduces the usage of electricity for lighting as natural sunlight is used instead.
  3. All conventional lightings have been replaced by LED lights and fittings which consume less power.


  4. Solar heaters and systems have been installed to dispense the use of conventional heaters. 
  5. The ceiling  height has been increased by 4 feet to make the place airy and curtail the use of fans, coolers and AC’s.
  6. As an initiative to save power and energy not only at our premises, but to also give this effect to 3000 clients, all the newly launched instruments by Sapcon work on very low power, giving almost 70% reduction in power usage compared to other conventional makes and instruments.

To further contribute to the noble cause of energy conservation, we have built water-bodies, precisely two wells, a pond and a lake in our premises to save rain water and reduce the continuous usage of electric motor pumping underground water from boring.