SLMR Orbit Paddle Level Switch

A Paddle is rotated slowly by a stepper motor.

Approvals for Orbit Paddle Level Switch

CE Marking, RoHS Compliance, Flameproof Enclosure (Gas Groups IIA, IIB)

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A Paddle is rotated slowly by a stepper motor. An encoder coupled to the paddle shaft produces electrical pulses during its rotation. The pulses are monitored by a microprocessor to ascertain its movement. Paddle rotation stops when the material covers it. The microprocessor signals the material presence and sends the result in the form of potential free contacts. The microprocessor starts the motor periodically to check the material presence. The paddle flaps and vibrates to discard the clinging material ensuring the material has receded and paddle is now clean. Thereafter the output status is changed and motor starts rotating smoothly again waiting for the level to come.

  • Built in universal supply of 90-260 V AC & 24 V DC
  • Direct stepper motor drive eliminates gear boxes and clutches
  • Variable torque control, one paddle suits all applications
  • Flap action to discard clinging material
  • Selectable fail-safe operation
  • Fold-able paddle mechanism for ease of installation
  • 2 potential free contacts with adjustable time delay
Mechanical Specifications


  • Cast Aluminium weatherproof integral with paddle (IP-67)

Probe Length

  • 150mm to 500mm (Insertion)
  • Special supporting pipe available for lengths more than 200mm

Cable Entry

  • 2 X 13.5 PG Glands

Ambient Temperature

  • 0 to 80°C

Mounting (Standard)

  • 1-1/2″ BSP / NPT, 50 NB Flange

Wetted Parts

  • SS 316 / SS 304
Electrical Specifications

Operating Voltage

  • 90-265 V AC & 24 V DC (Universal Supply)


  • Two sets of potential-free contacts

Power Consumption

  • 3 VA (approx.)

Checking Interval

Settable up to 25 Sec, by DIP switch

  • 1s Cover Delay
  • 2s Uncover Delay

Switching Delay

Available for Covered and Uncoverd situation

Applications Specifications
  • Chemical powders
  • Animal feed industry
  • Plastic chips
  • PVC powders
  • Cement powder application
  • Food processing industry
  • Pharmaceutical powders
Switching Indication
  • 2 LED’s
  • Red: Alarm, Green: Normal