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Level Measurement

Level Measurement Instruments

Level Measurement solutions are varied and clients may experience difficulty in choosing the best instrument for their needs. Sapcon Instruments not only offers reliable instruments & controls for process automation and industrial applications but also provides application assistance to ensure that a particular sensor or technology is best suited for your application.

Our level instruments are suited for applications in a wide variety of industries such as cement, food processing, packaging, factory automation, bottling, thermal power, chemical processing, pulp and paper, water and wastewater, textiles, metals processing and finishing and industrial process control.

Our level measurement sensors and transmitters can be fully integrated with standard SCADA and PLC systems and utilize standard operating voltage and output signals.

Tuning/Vibrating Fork Level Measurement Switches

Vibrating Fork Level Measurement Switch Point level switches which are based on the vibrating tuning fork principle that are designed to detect the low and high level of liquids and fine-grained free flowing solids.

tuning vibrating fork level

Capacitive Level Measurement Sensors

Multi-point level measurement instruments which are based on the capacitance principle. These instruments are designed to accurately detect the level of fine/coarse solids and bulk materials.

capacitive level measurement sensors

RF Admittance Level Switches

If you are working with (but not limited to) viscous liquids and slurries, use Sapcon's reliable and accurate level measurement solutions based on the RF- Admittance level measurement principle.

rf admittance level switches

Conductivity Level Measurement Switches

Conductivity Level Switches Also known as the water level sensor, this sensor is used for Water and liquid level measurement and works on the conductivity based level measurement principle.

conductivity level measurement switches
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