Fuel Monitoring in VTS made easy with Capvel-FUEL

28 August 2017 by admin

Fuel monitoring and fuel management is now an integral part of sectors like fleet management, vehicle tracking systems (VTS), telecommunications (Diesel Generators – DG Sets), civil construction, oil and gas, etc. as it can help in optimizing operational costs, managing assets efficiently and improving profitability.

Using an experience of 30 years in level instrumentation, SAPCON has launched Capvel-FUEL, a volumetric fuel level sensor which is a one-stop solution to fuel management. Capvel­-FUEL is a compact fuel level transmitter which works on the principle of capacitance with unique features that are well-researched, well-implemented and well-tested. It comes with a step­-by­-step guide in the form of a desktop application called Capvel­-FUEL­-Connect. Capvel­-FUEL­-Connect is intuitive and easy to use and can help configure and calibrate the sensor in a few button clicks.

How is Fuel Monitoring in VTS made easy with Capvel-FUEL?

  1. Choose among four different output options: Level in Percentage, Level in Voltage, Level in Height and Volume in Millilitres, according to the shape of tank.
  2. Application Guided Installation
  3. Save and Reuse Tank Configuration Profiles
  4. On Site Adjustable Probe Length
  5. RS­485 modbus RTU and RS­232 digital outputs for Remote Monitoring Systems
  6. IP­-67 Certification, RoHS compliance
  7. Algorithm for Turbulence Compensation

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