Customer-centric ‘Sapcon Product Cycle’

10 February 2018 by admin
The customer-centric 'Sapcon Product Cycle' endeavors to sell satisfaction! Our customer-oriented thinking not only governs our products but also our departments and processes.

The customer-centric ‘Sapcon Product Cycle’ endeavors to sell satisfaction! This is made possible by our customer-oriented thinking that not only governs our products but also our departments and processes. Each step in the building of a product at Sapcon is the result of careful thinking and research around making the customer’s job easier.

A combined application legacy of over 150 years helps us design solutions for peculiar requirements. To ensure that we are developing cutting-edge products, we invest around 10% of our revenue in our in-house R&D.

The key to our result-oriented processes is our team of process-oriented personnels who strive to assure that you are as confident about our products as we are. This includes process ownership and accountability that is practised in every department. The values we add to our services such as the Sapcon Support Center, in-house developed automated GA drawing software and installation guides and videos are aimed at making the journey from inquiry through order, which is the backbone of the ‘Sapcon Product Cycle’, even better.

We completely understand peculiarities and recognize that one solution may not serve everyone. Hence, we understand customization and manufacture with an MOQ as small as one. The credit goes to our trained team and surplus inventory carrying capacity that keeps us ready to serve you immediately.

Quality is built at every step in our manufacturing process and we strive for the confidence of our customers to develop into trust. Constant introspection and betterment is achieved by planned follow-up sessions in the process of after-sales. We, at Sapcon, follow-up with our clients at several stages to ensure timely delivery, correct installation of the sensor, proper working on site and long-term performance of our product. The feedback received becomes a learning for the next iteration of our services.

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