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Sapcon History

Setting the clock back to year 1983, Sapcon Instruments found itself surfaced with a vision to help automate the measurement of industrial processes. Sapcon founders started the company in the commercial capital of the state of Madhya Pradesh; the city of Indore. The founders of Sapcon had a technical background with sound experience in engineering. Without a fear of the unknown or the hitch of failure, the only thing our far sighted technocrats had in mind was a clear focus and a vision to be a renowned brand in the process automation market. The start though small, nevertheless laid the foundation towards the establishment of the million dollar worth Sapcon Instruments. The first commercial success of the company came when JK cement group and Larsen & Tubro (L & T) India started doling contracts to Sapcon in year 1984.


Where are We Today

Today, Sapcon Instruments has shifted to a plush office in the heart of the Indore city. Sapcon grew and grew worldwide. Today, the company has a strong presence and exports process automation instruments to more than 30 companies including USA, Australia, China, Thailand, Russia, Baltic States, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Greece, Turkey, Malaysia, Thailand... just to name a few. The company has over 1300 satisfied customers across four continents.


The Sapcon Advantage

Today, Sapcon designs and manufactures a broad portfolio of level instruments and speed monitoring systems. Sapcon has the resources to support your design and manufacturing requirements. Sapcon delivers personal attention from engineering experts and technical support to reduce the risks associated with developing a process automation system, improve the understanding of design issues based upon your requirements and quickly identify the right solutions. Decades of application engineering expertise provides the perspective quickly to prototype, build, and deliver systems exactly to your critical requirements.

The R & D team at Sapcon simulates actual application environments and performs rigorous environmental testing. Experience has taught us which technology and product characteristics provide effective solutions to customers' problems. There's a good chance we've already dealt with design issues intriguing you and will probably have a solution in form of a product. Applications requiring a customized product solution will be thoroughly taken care of and we will try to modify an existing product or design something completely new. Our flexible manufacturing system reduces lead time and costs involved in made-to-order systems.

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